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LOUIS VUITTON Pomme D'Amour Monogram Vernis Rosewood Bag

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A 90s classic, styles in the Vernis line (that’s varnish, if you hadn’t guessed) are known for their brilliant shiny finish. Wear this on your arm or shoulder, to add a fun pop of red to any look.
Colour: Red
Composition: Leather
Dimensions: Height: 17cm - Width: 32cm - Depth: 14cm
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Treat your bag with the love and respect it deserves during your time together, so other members can get as much joy out of it as you. If you’re worried about any marks at all, always speak to us first so we can advise on the best action to take (we’d rather just know!). If we think it’s something you can take care of at home, your complimentary cleaning products provided with the bag should help out with that (avoid using any other products).

In general, kindness goes a long way— your bag much prefers to sit on your lap than the floor, for example, and doesn’t love feeling overstuffed. On return, we’ll inspect the bag and let you know if there’s any issues at all.

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