At COCOON, we aim to empower women to look and feel their best. Members can express themselves with the best brands and styles and have fun sharing that experience with a community of like-minded individuals; who share in our vision for a circular fashion future. Bigger than trends, bigger than product, we believe in a responsible, subscription model that advocates access and experience.  

We offer a straightforward, fuss-free service that supports your style needs as they evolve and enables you to indulge in variety and newness in a smarter and less wasteful way. With the best edit of sought-after handbags and incentives to keep members engaged, COCOON is the members club you’ll never want to leave. 

At COCOON, we understand fashion - it’s at the centre of everything we do. As the voice of authority on bags, we have the greatest edit of new-season, pre-owned and limited-edition vintage styles from the most coveted brands. Our team of experts provide style leadership and direction so you can browse with full confidence in our edit.  

Membership to COCOON is non-exclusive (how very ‘unluxury’) and open to all. We aim to inspire and facilitate discovery so members can express themselves with the best brands and styles and have fun sharing that experience with a community of like-minded individuals. Our subscription model offers members the opportunity to access brands and styles that they might otherwise not be able to indulge in. 

At COCOON we believe in a circular fashion future; moving away from a 'take, use, dispose' system towards a circular model where we extend the lifecycle of products and materials. We want to encourage the wider fashion community to rethink their relationship with fashion, rethink their wardrobe needs and rethink their consumption choices. Because it starts with making smart choices - in joining COCOON, you’re developing a long-term relationship with us and committing to a smarter, more responsible way to access luxury bags. Enjoy your time with the bag you’ve been dreaming of (vintage Fendi anyone?) and pass it on to be loved by another member of the community.⁠ It just makes sense. ⁠⁠We’re challenging traditional ideas of ownership, challenging the current linear fashion system and challenging assumptions of luxury. ⁠⁠As the wider fashion industry reflects on the negative environmental and economic cost of the luxury industry, we plan to lead by example. Are you with us? 

Our team of buyers select styles from the best brands, renown for the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Luxury is, after all, designed to last and designed to endure. When bags are in need of a little TLC, we send them to be repaired to extend their sharing life. And when they’re no longer a good fit for the collection, we find a loving owner for them so that they can continue to empower and uplift.  

People are at the centre of everything we do. From hiring team members to suppliers, we choose to work with individuals who believe in our vision for a circular fashion future and want to be a part of our journey. Our predominantly female, super international team come from a range of professional backgrounds but are united in their passion for what we are building. As a business we want to be a positive force both within our community and the wider fashion industry. 

At COCOON, we’re addicted to self-improvement. We are continually reviewing our processes and policies to ensure that we are doing right by our partners, our employees and our members. True to our values, we aim to develop sustainable processes to minimise our waste and minimise our footprint. We use this thinking to guide business decisions - from our cleaning processes to delivery partners and packaging materials for shipping. We’re nowhere near where we aim to be, we recognise that. We’re committing to making choices that reduce our environmental impact and we promise to be transparent about our progress. Share your feedback with us, we use it to make better decisions for our community.


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