COCOON is for people who really like handbags – who see them as more than a means of carrying things around. Who geek out over the perfect clasp, get excited about an incredible print, or love the smell of a beautiful Italian leather enough to really breathe it in. COCOON people wish there were a word (besides ‘amazing’) for when a handbag and an outfit make a perfect match. 

At COCOON, we get the excitement of a designer bag – that can’t-quite-believe-it’s-actually-here feeling. We offer a curation of the most sought-after new-season, vintage and limited-edition bags on the market – and if there’s a style you’re after that we don’t have yet, we’ll find a way to get it. Think of us as your handbag hotline: just choose the bag you want, and we’ll get it onto your arm that same day. 

Sounds smart, right? It is. And it gets even better. By becoming a member of COCOON, you’re joining a community of people who would rather rent than own; who see sharing as a way to enjoy designer fashion in a smarter, more responsible, less wasteful way; and who love sharing that joy with others.

Welcome to COCOON – the club for bag people.