A club for bag people.

What We Do

We give our members access to the most sought-after new season, vintage and limited edition bags on the market. Think of us as your handbag hotline. You choose the bag you want. We deliver it to your arm the same day.

How It Works

For a £99 monthly membership, you can choose a bag from our collection, with delivery fees and light repairs all covered. Upon joining, we’ll take a £250 refundable holding fee just in case of any damages.

How You Know It’s Legit

We source our collection from the most reputable vendors, so each bag has undergone a rigorous authentication process before it reaches Cocoon. And our partnership with The Restory, an experienced team of luxury goods experts, means our bags are kept in mint condition.

Why It Makes Sense

In becoming a member of Cocoon, you’re joining a community of people who see sharing as a challenge to the environmental and economic cost of the fashion industry. See a bag, want a bag, get a bag – but pass it on.