1.1 – These Terms & Conditions govern your use of the Cocoon website (the “Site”) and the rental of our handbags (the “Service”).

1.2 – By using our Site and Service you accept these Terms & Conditions and you agree to comply with them.

1.3 – This agreement is binding between you and us as soon as you:

1.3.1 – You receive the confirmation for your account and logins from us; or

1.3.2 – You access or use parts of our site that are not dependent on creating an account.

1.4 – If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions you must not use our Site or Service.

1.5 – We recommend that you print a copy of these Terms & Conditions for future reference.


2.1 – We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without the consent of any other parties.

2.1. – These changes will be documented in this section of the site and it is our customer’s responsibility to check this each time they use our site or services.


3.1 – You can only sign up for an account if you are 18 years of age and are a resident of the UK.

3.2 – We require your date of birth in order to carry out a soft background check via Experian. This will not affect your credit score.

3.2 – To sign up you will provide us with your name, address, contact number, payment details and any other identification details we require. The information you submit is yours, accurate, complete and up to date.

3.3 – As part of the registration process, we have the right to carry out a soft credit check for identification purposes only. This will not affect your credit score in any way.

3.4 – You are solely responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your account information on our site.

3.5 – We reserve the right to decline any application at our discretion.

3.6 – The responsibility of the security of your accounts information and access solely down to the named individual in the account. You are also responsible for all activities, including purchases under your account, whether or not you actually authorised them. We take no liability for any loss or damage from unauthorised access or use.

3.7 – We have the right to suspend, terminate, or remove your account at any time at our own discretion due to any of the reasons that are or are not defined in these terms.

3.8 – It is your responsibility to notify us of any unauthorised use or access of your account you know of or suspect.


4.1 – All bags offered on our site are in very good condition. Any signs of wear and tear on vintage items are described and photographed in the sites listing.

4.2 – All bags are 100% genuine and are certified by external authentication services.

4.3 – We source all our bags from vetted suppliers who vouch for their authenticity.

4.4 – The bags are as described in the site’s listings. However, the photographs are not contractually binding. The bags may differ slightly from these photographs. By using our services you agree that these photographs are only indicative of the exact quality of the bag.

4.5 – All our bags are specially cleaned and maintained after each rental period.


5.1 – You can only use our service after you have successfully signed up to our website and passed our identification checks. This will be confirmed in the browser or by email.

5.2 – Members can rent a bag for up to 6 months at any given time. After 6 months members can chose to renew the rental period, the bag must be returned to Cocoon to be checked and cleaned, and sent back to the members.

5.3 – Cocoon reserve the right to reject a request to renew a rental period at our own discretion due to any of the reasons that are or are not defined in these terms.

5.4 – A bag will only be dispatched after we have received full payment for the membership fee as detailed on our website and a holding fee equal to £250.

5.5 – We will, by the use of video, record the condition the bag is on the day of sending. This will be kept on our records and used to compare the state of the returned bag against.


6.1 – Any delivery or damage fees shall be charged directly to your payment method.

6.2 – You give us and our Payment Supplier (Stripe) the pre-approval to confirm if your debit\credit card or other payment method is legitimate and has sufficient funds\credit to cover your instalments.

6.3 – All payments on our site are in GBP and are inclusive of UK VAT.

6.4 – On top of the initial monthly membership payment, there will be an additional fee equal to £250 which will be refunded (to the same payment method you purchased the service) at the termination of a Cocoon membership providing any bags rented returned undamaged.

6.5 – We use a third party supplier Payment Supplier (Stripe) to collect and process your payments for our services.

6.6 – The Payment Supplier (Stripe) is responsible and we shall not be liable for any matter in connection with the processing of payments.

6.7 – You agree to notify us or our Payment Supplier of any issues or discrepancies in respect to payments within 60 days after they first appear in your account. If you do not notify us within 60 days you agree to waive your right to dispute these issues.


7.1 – We will only deliver our bags to the address authorised by you on the initial order.

7.2 – Same day delivery orders must be placed by 4pm to allow orders to be confirmed and identity checked successfully. The delivery of the bag will be before 8pm on said day.

7.3 – Next day delivery orders must be placed by 5pm to allow orders to be confirmed and identity checked successfully. The delivery of the bag will be before 5pm the following day.

7.4 – Standard delivery orders will be within 3 days of your order being confirmed and identity checked successfully.

7.5 – We will, by the use of video, record us packing the parcel up to show us sealing the bag with our protective tape for confirmation we have sent our product via our courier.

7.6 – Each parcel will be sent via secure courier and will have security seals on the product. It is your responsibility to confirm that the received parcel’s security seal has not been tampered with before you or your representative sign for the parcel.

7.7 – Our bag will be sent in original Cocoon packaging.

7.8 – The rental period of the bag starts on the courier’s initial attempt of delivery, whether you are there to sign for the bag or not.

7.9 – The courier will attempt delivery twice before charging a fee of £10 to the payment holders account and cancelling the rental period.

7.10 – Our bags will only be delivered if they are signed for at the address agreed for delivery and will not be left without a signature.


8.1 – As soon as the item has been signed for all the risk and responsibility for the bag will immediately pass to you.

8.2 – You are required, by these terms and conditions, to take care of the bag we send you, so it is returned to us, after the rental period, in the same condition we sent it to you.

8.3 – You agree to take precautions that the bag does not become damaged in your care. You agree to not expose the bag to the following (and any other forms of potential damage not listed)



Strong variations of temperature

Excessive Sunlight


Impact \ Shock

8.4 – You may not clean the bag with anything but the dry cloth provided.

8.5 – Any attempts to clean the bag by either the member or a bag repair service may cause further damage to the item and you may be liable to pay an amount equal to full retail price of the bag.


9.1 – The customer must return the original bag to Cocoon.

9.2 – All bags will be returned securely in the packaging provided and as the instructions advise you to do so.

9.3 – The courier will pick up the handbag from a predetermined destination as agreed with Cocoon or the courier direct.

9.4 – You agree to return the bag to us via our courier service at the arranged date and time of collection. If you exceed the date of return without renewing the rental period you will be charged an additional rental fee, as well as additional late fees equal to £10 for per day until a renewed rental period is agreed or the bag is returned. You agree to authorise us to take payment from your payment method.

9.5 – All returns of each bag will be documented, by video or picture evidence, to validate the returned bags identity and or condition.


10.1 – If you return the item past the arranged date / time of collection without renewal, you will be charged additional fees equal to £10 for per day until a renewed rental period is agreed or the bag is returned (“Late Fees”).

10.2 -Late fees will be taken from the security deposit. Any additional late fees will be recovered from the payment method registered with Cocoon.

10.3 – If our rental product has not been returned or a renewed rental period has not been agreed within 10 days after the rental period has ended, Cocoon will consider the product as not-returned and will in addition to late fees start proceedings of collection for the full price of the rental item.


11.1 – A member may cancel a rental period if cancelled within:

1 hour for an order placed with same day delivery

4 hours for an order placed with next day delivery

24 hours for an order placed with standard delivery


12.1 – A member may cancel a Cocoon membership at any given time with a 30 day notice period

12.3 – If a member would like to be released of their Cocoon membership immediately they are liable to pay the remaining 30 days membership fee in full.

12.4 – A member can only cancel a membership without current possession of a Cocoon bag

12.5 – A member is entitled to one opportunity to freeze their membership for up to 90 days. During this period a member will not be charged any membership fees.

12.6 – If a member would like to unfreeze their membership they must contact Cocoon directly. If a member has not been in contact with Cocoon at the end of said 90 days their membership will be automatically renewed.

12.7 – We have the right to suspend, terminate, or remove your account at any time at our own discretion due to any of the reasons that are or are not defined in these terms. If an account is suspended / under investigation for loss / damage of a bag, the member is liable to pay full membership fees until the account is reinstated.


13.1 – You will not be held responsible for any damage we class as normal wear and tear of our rental bags. On return of final bag and validation of condition, we will refund your holding fee equal to £250.

13.2 – If you return the bag with major damage or damage beyond normal wear and tear you agree to be liable for any repairs or cleaning the bag receives to return it back to its original condition.

13.3 – You are responsible for all delivery costs we incur from the bag being repaired.

13.4 – If the bag is damaged beyond repair, then you are responsible to pay Cocoon the full replacement cost on a new for old basis.

13.5 – The initial deposit equal to £250 will be deducted from any final cleaning\repair\delivery\replacement costs that have occurred from any damages occurred. If the cost exceeds this value then we will invoice you and take the extra payment for the additional charges.

13.6 – We strongly advise but is not required, that you hold valid home content insurance. As part of this, you require to notify your insurer of the bag you are hiring to ensure full coverage for any damages or losses that may be incurred. Cocoon takes no responsibility for your insurance or the extent of your coverage.

13.7 – In case of loss, theft or any damage of the bag you are required to contact Cocoon immediately through (support@cocoonclub.co.uk).

13.8 – You are required to take dated evidence of any damage, loss or theft in the case of any of these occurrences.

13.9 – We will conduct an investigation into any counterfeit, lost or stolen bags and may inform the relevant authorities and report the Products as stolen and will take steps to recover the monies for the rental goods.


14.1 – The title of the bag remains with Cocoon at all times. You have no right, title or interest in the bag, except that we have lent it lent to you.

14.2 – The agreement between us entitles you to use the bag for personal use only. You agree that you will not resell, loan out, allow another person to use or use for any commercial or professional use.


15.1 – You agree that the bag returned will be the authentic and same bag we sent you.

15.2 – If any counterfeit or different items are received by us this will be documented and the cost of replacing the bag will be passed onto you.

15.3 – If you lose the bag you are responsible for the full cost of replacing the bag.

15.4 – You agree that in the case of a return of a counterfeit bag then we will class the Products as stolen and will take steps to recover the monies for the rental goods which includes informing the relevant authorities.


16.1 – Nothing in these Terms shall limit or exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

16.2 – We only supply the Products for private use. If you use the Products for any business purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.

16.3 – If you are dissatisfied with the Rental Service, the Site, or these Terms, your only remedy under these Terms shall be to terminate the Rental Service and return our goods and to discontinue your use of the Site. Without limiting the preceding sentence, we shall have no liability for any failure or delay resulting from any matter beyond our reasonable control.


17.1 – Our policy is to respect and protect the privacy of anyone who visits the Site. Where we ask you for personal information via an online form, this information will only be used for the purpose indicated and will be held in a secure manner. It will not be used for any other purpose without your permission and will not be kept for longer than necessary.