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How much does membership cost and how is it charged?
Your membership will be charged to your registered payment method on your account. We offer the following membership options:




Rolling monthly


Each month charged on the same day of the month that you originally signed up

3 month


One-off upfront payment

6 month

£529 (a 10% saving on our rolling membership)

One-off upfront payment

12 month

£950 (a 20% saving on our rolling membership)

One-off upfront payment

What is included in my membership fee?
Your membership fee ensures your place as a trusted member of the COCOON community, this covers:

  • Bag rental
  • Repairs for normal wear and tear and servicing fees
  • Free delivery for your first bag
  • One complimentary bag swap per month

What is the minimum membership term?
There is no minimum membership term however, we require all members to give 30 days notice if they wish to cancel their membership.

I’ve just signed up, what happens next?
Please allow up to 1 working day for your application to be reviewed and confirmed. After 1 working day you can expect to hear from a member of our team who will confirm your membership status and arrange for your bag to be shipped. 

How do you validate who can be a member?
We require members to provide their birth date, billing address and sometimes additional identification sources
which we may request in order to carry out a soft background check (this will not affect your credit score). We need this information to make sure we know who our applicants are so that we can protect our COCOON members and bags. 

Can I pause my membership?
We know circumstances can change so we offer every member the opportunity to pause their membership for up to 90 days. To pause your membership, get in touch with membership@cocoonclub.co.uk and we will arrange for your bag to be collected and put your payments on hold.

What happens if I would like to change my payment date?
We can change your charge date to a date within 30 days of your original charge date. However, we would need to calculate any membership fee amount owed for the period between your original charge date and the new one. The amount for the difference between your charge dates will be added to your membership fee on your new charge date.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major debit and credit cards. All payments on our site are in GBP. 

How can I apply a discount code?
Discount codes can be applied at checkout when purchasing a membership. Alternatively, if you already have a membership, you can apply a discount code via My Orders > Manage Subscriptions > Apply Discount Code.

How do I cancel my membership?
A member may cancel with a 30 day notice period through notifying us of the cancellation request via email at membership@cocoonclub.co.uk. 


What is a holding fee?
We require all members to pay a refundable holding fee on signing up for a membership, this will be automatically added to your cart and will be shown as a separate line item. We will hold the refundable holding fee against your account for the duration of your membership in case of loss, damage or overdue fees. It can also be used as a downpayment towards a bag should you fall in love with one and not want to part with it.

How much is the holding fee?
The Refundable Holding fee is £100 for all new members.

When do I get the holding fee back?
Your holding fee will be refunded to your original payment method when you have done all of the following:

  • Ended your membership 
  • Returned your final bag to us undamaged 
  • Settled all amounts due to us 



What does the bag-care process involve? 
Each bag is subject to a physical inspection and rigorous care process (with numerous sanitisation techniques) after being returned from a member, to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.

What extra precautions are you taking in this current climate?
In addition to our standard care process, we have recently introduced additional sanitisation measures to safeguard our bags. 
Upon return into the business, bags are subject to a 24-hour holding period before being handled by our delivery fulfilment team. We disinfect using industry-approved anti-bacterial products, and safely enclose each bag in protective casing. Our delivery fulfilment team wear protective equipment (including masks and gloves) in-line with government guidance. We've imposed an additional holding period from the time bags are prepared for send-out by our delivery fulfilment team to the time they are received by our members, and offer contact-free delivery through our delivery partners. 

Condition and Authenticity 

What condition are the bags in?
All of our bags are either brand new or pre-loved and in new/mint condition. Our vintage items may of course show some signs of age, but this is all part of the bag’s charm.

How do I know my bag is authentic?
All of our bags are 100% genuine and are certified by external authentication services as well as being checked by our in-house experts. COCOON bags are only purchased from reputable vendors who vouch for their authenticity, details are available on request. In addition, all of our bags are forensically marked and get checked for authenticity every time that they enter and leave our warehouse. If you have any questions over a specific bag, please reach out to membership@cocoonclub.co.uk 


How many bags total can I rent per month?
You can rent one bag at a time. One free bag swap is included per month for all COCOON members. Beyond your free swap, you can swap as many times as you want for a charge of £10 each time.

How many bags can I have with me at a given time?
You can have one bag on loan at a time. If you would like to 

Can I reserve an item?
If you’ve fallen in love with a bag but it’s out with a member, email membership@cocoonclub.co.uk and we’ll make sure you get added to a waitlist to get it when it’s next available.

How do I get visibility on upcoming bags?
The best way to get your hands on the hottest bag is to sign up to our mailing list and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know about new drops.

Can I book a bag for a certain date?
Unfortunately, as our members can rent our bags for as long as they like, we don’t have any visibility on when a bag might be coming back into stock and so we can’t guarantee a bag’s availability on a specific date. We do offer a waitlist service so if there’s a bag you’d love to get your hands on, send an email to membership@cocoonclub.co.uk and we’ll make sure you can get it when it’s next available. 

How long can I rent a bag for?
While most of our members swap their bags once a month, the bags within our collection are available for as long or as little as members desire. The minimum period is 24 hours, and the maximum period is 6 months. A small selection of bags are available for a limited one-month period, these are identified in their product description. 

What happens if I don't like the bag I get?
We hope that you’ll love the bag you’ve chosen when it arrives but we know sometimes feelings can change. If you’re not head over heels for your bag, you can contact us within 24 hours of it being delivered and we’ll happily swap it for another for free.

I don't see a bag I want, what should I do?
New bags arrive in every single week so sign up to our emails to be notified when we’ve had a drop. If you love a bag but it’s out with a member, let us know and we can put you on a waiting list to get it as soon as it’s back. 

Can I buy a bag on COCOON?
You may fall for a bag in our collection and want to call it your own - we get it, love is a crazy thing! After six-months of continued membership, loyal members have the opportunity to contribute a portion of their fees to purchasing their chosen bag. Pretty great perk, right? If you would like to inquire about a particular bag, please reach out to us at membership@cocoonclub.co.uk. 


How often can I swap?
Every member gets one free swap a month. You can swap as many times as you like for £10 each time beyond your allowance.

How do I know when I can use my free swap?
You can swap as soon as you’ve paid your membership for the month as long as you haven’t already used your free allowance. If you’re unsure when this is, get in touch with
membership@cocoonclub.co.uk and we can let you know. 

How do I swap my bag?
To swap your bag, simply log in to your account and place an order for your next bag. We’ll then be in touch to organise the collection of your current bag. When we’ve received your bag, checked it over and found it to be in a satisfactory condition, we will send your next one to you.  

How long will it take to swap my bag?
For swap orders placed before 11am Monday-Friday, we endeavour to collect your current bag on the same working day before 5pm. The bag will then arrive back with us on the next working day before 12pm. Once we have received and checked your bag, we will send out your next bag choice on a next day service to arrive before 12pm.


Where can a COCOON bag be shipped to?
We currently deliver to mainland UK addresses. We will only deliver our bags to the address authorised by you on the initial order.

What delivery service is used?
We use DPD as our preferred delivery partner. All of our bags are sent via a next day, pre-12pm tracked and signed-for service which includes the option to change your delivery when it's on the way to you. DPD commits to making every delivery carbon neutral.

How do I sent my bag back to you?
We will organise a DPD collection for you, all you need to do is put the bag back in the packaging it was originally delivered in and hand it to the driver.

I didn't get a returns label with my order, do I need one?
YoDon’t worry, you don’t need a returns label. When you want to swap or return your bag, we will organise a collection and the driver will arrive with a printed label.

What happens if I miss my return pick up time?
If you are not there to hand over the bag to the courier at the agreed pick up time, a late fee of £10 per day will be charged until the bag is returned.

Do I have to be in to sign for the bag?
Our bags will only be delivered if they are signed for at the address agreed for delivery and will not be left without a signature.

When will my bag arrive?
After your membership has been approved, the following delivery timings apply for bag orders:

  • For orders placed and approved before 2pm Monday-Friday, we endeavour to deliver on the next working day before midday.
  • For orders placed and approved from 2pm on Friday or on Saturday or Sunday, we endeavour to deliver on Tuesday before midday.

For bag swaps, the following applies:

  • For swap orders placed before 11am Monday-Friday, we endeavour to collect your current bag on the same working day before 5pm. The bag will then arrive back with us on the next working day before 12pm.
  • Once we have received and checked your bag, we will send out your next bag choice on a next day service to arrive before 12pm. 

How much does shipping cost?
Your monthly membership fee includes one complimentary shipping and swapping fee per month. If you would like to swap more than once a month, deliveries are £10 each. Payment will be taken from your registered payment method.

How do I know my order has been successfully returned?
We will send you an email to confirm that we have received your bag and it has passed our condition checks. 


What happens if my bag is subject to light signs of wear?
Your monthly membership fee includes a service charge for light signs of wear. This includes:

  • Natural signs of overtime discolouration
  • Natural signs of wear on metal and hardware
  • Replacement of simple removable parts e.g zips and hooks

Please note that ink stains cannot be removed and will be charged for accordingly

What happens if my bag is damaged in my care?
We understand that accidents happen. If you return a bag with damage which is not considered to be normal wear and tear, we:

  • Will notify you by email within one working day;
  • May need to put your membership and any orders for subsequent bags on hold until the issue has been resolved;
  • Will request a quote for the repair which can take up to two working days;
  • Will be in touch within three working days with a final quote which will need to be settled by you from your registered payment method and/or holding fee.

Please note that ink stains cannot be removed and will be charged for accordingly

What happens if my bag is subject to damage beyond repair?
If the bag is returned to COCOON with damage beyond repair, proven by The Restory, you will be liable for the full price of replacement taken from your holding fee and/or your registered payment method.
Please note that ink stains cannot be removed and will be charged for accordingly

What happens if my bag is lost/stolen?
If the bag is lost or stolen, you will be liable for the full price of replacement taken from your holding fee and your registered payment method. 


Where do I find my order?
My account  > My Orders

How do I cancel my order?
Please contact membership@cocoonclub.co.uk to cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it.

How do I pause my order?
If you would like to pause your order and with that, your subscription, please contact membership@cocoonclub.co.uk. Our customer service team will respond between the hours of 9.30am - 6pm Monday - Friday. 


What is COCOON Refresh?
With COCOON Refresh, sell your luxury bags directly to COCOON
for cash (up to 50% of the bag valuation) and COCOON credit. Part ways with precious styles taking up space in your closet. Apply credit towards COCOON membership and membership add-ons to refresh your handbag wardrobe as often as you'd like. Sell directly to COCOON, earn and enjoy.

What can I sell through COCOON Refresh?
We are currently accepting COCOON Refresh submissions for handbags from brands listed in our online form. Kindly note, we are not currently accepting submissions for small leather goods.
If you would like to sell a bag from a brand which isn't listed in the COCOON Refresh form, please contact membership@cocoonclub.co.uk.

What can I do with COCOON credit?
COCOON credit can be applied towards
COCOON membership or used to purchase membership add-ons, including: bag swaps, multi-bag passes, gift memberships and the £100 refundable holding fee, required for new members.

Why should I sell with COCOON?
Selling with COCOON is quick and straightforward. Receive a quote with three working days; earn cash (
up to 50% of the bag valuation) and COCOON credit, which you can apply towards any COCOON product. It’s that easy. 

How do I sell my bag through COCOON Refresh?
Verify that your bag meets our acceptance guidelines and fill out our online form. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll assess your application based on our valuation criteria and provide a quote within 3 working days. Let us know your preferred payout method - cash
(up to 50% of the bag valuation) or COCOON credit. Time to send us your bag. Our membership team will coordinate a free collection for you. Once we’ve received your bag, we evaluate and assess for quality and authenticity. If your bag is approved, we’ll process your chosen payout method.   

When will I receive a quote for my bag?
We’ll let you know within 3 working days whether we’d like to buy your bag and, if so, provide a quote. We’ll outline your payout options along with your quote.

What are the bag acceptance guidelines?
You should be able to provide us with the authenticity cards as well as proof of purchase (this includes the original receipt or order confirmation correspondence). Ideally you should also be able to provide us with all of the accessories that the bag came with when it was purchased (or let us know in the form if anything is missing) - original packaging is a bonus! We are open to brands not listed in the COCOON
Refresh form and evaluate styles on a case by case basis. Review our condition scale, included in the COCOON Refresh form, and make sure that the condition of your bag falls within this. 

What if I don't have a receipt for my bag?
You should provide us with as much information as possible for your bag, including documents that confirm proof of purchase (this includes the original receipt or order confirmation correspondence). Please note that the following brands will only be accepted with receipt or proof of purchase: Goyard, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

What does the valuation process involve?
Our team of in-house experts evaluate the bag based on the information provided. The value of the bag could be enhanced if the original packaging and proof of purchase are available. Criteria including current market conditions and current market value are also considered as part of the valuation process. 

How can I be paid?
We’ll outline your options when we send you a quote. You can choose to be paid in COCOON credit, or a combination of cash and credit. Maximum cash payout is 50% of the bag valuation. A minimum of one month COCOON membership needs to be redeemed. Where possible, COCOON will always round up to the nearest half month when exchanging into membership value. 

When will I be paid?
We will arrange payout for your bag once we have received it and it has passed the physical inspection. If you have requested COCOON credit as full or part payout for your bag, please allow up to two working days for our team to register and credit your account. Any cash payouts will be made via bank transfer on the last working day of the month. 

Why am I being offered more in COCOON credit than the cash value of the bag?
From time to time, COCOON will run promotions that allow you to win big when you transform your pre-loved bags into COCOON credit.  To celebrate the launch of COCOON Refresh, we’ll be offering a bonus 30% in COCOON credit above the cash value, for every bag sold through 30th June 2020; so you can get more out of your COCOON experience. It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal members.

How do I send my bag to you for physical inspection?
We will organise a complimentary collection of your bag. All you need to do is ensure your bag is securely packaged and sealed for its journey, to avoid it being damaged, crushed or easily tampered with en route. 

We’ll arrange up to two collection attempts free of charge. Costs incurred for any additional attempts will be taken out of the agreed selling price of the bag.

What happens once you've received my bag?
The bag will be checked for quality and authenticity by our team of in-house experts, who will verify that it conforms with all of the details submitted to us. If your bag is as expected, we will arrange payout per the agreed terms. If your bag is not as expected, we will either return the bag to you or issue a new quote based on the physical assessment.

How do you authenticate the bag?
Any bag that we buy through COCOON Refresh is subject to the same rigorous authentication process that all of our bags go through. Our team of experts check for appropriate brand markings including date codes, serial numbers and holograms. In addition to these physical checks, we also use industry-approved technology to support this process. 

Does COCOON credit expire?
COCOON credit will be applied to your account within two working days following final acceptance and confirmation of sale by both parties. If you would like to delay the start of your membership, this can be done by speaking to our friendly membership team. You have up to 6 months from the sale confirmation date to start using your membership credit. 

For existing members, credit applied towards your membership will come into effect ahead of your next charge date.

Do all of the bags you accept go into the COCOON collection?
In line with our circular model, styles that meet the acceptance guidelines and quality criteria will enter the COCOON collection and be kept in mint condition for our members to enjoy.
Incorporating circular thinking into our supply - how we source the best brands and styles to build the COCOON collection - is part of our long-term vision for a circular fashion future.

Do I need to pay the holding fee if I'm choosing to apply credit to my COCOON membership?
If you choose to redeem your COCOON credit on a membership you will be subject to the standard £100 refundable holding fee.
This fee is required to join COCOON, and will be held against your account for the duration of your membership in case of damages. You can use your COCOON credit on this £100 holding fee. 

How long do I have to think about the offer once I've received my quote?
Once we have sent you a quote, you have fourteen business days to accept or reject any payout offer. If we do not hear from you by this point, the offer is withdrawn. Any further conversations or negotiations around the bag will require a new valuation, which may differ from the original offer.

What happens if I change my mind and no longer want to sell my bag?
It’s completely up to you whether you decide to accept our offer and sell your bag to us. If you accept the offer and then decide to change your mind, you have up until we’ve sent you confirmation that your bag has been checked and approved by our team and that we’ve arranged payout as per the agreed terms. In which case, COCOON will return your bag to you free of charge. 

Can I negotiate the price once I receive my quote?
We aim to offer you the best price for your bag, based on the information that you have submitted. If you feel that your bag was undervalued, we’d be happy to have that conversation with you. 

Can I use some of the payment from the bag I'm selling, towards buying a bag on COCOON?
Yes, you can apply part payment (cash or COCOON credit) towards purchasing a bag on COCOON, subject to our bag purchase terms and conditions. 

My question isn't listed here. How do I get in touch?
You can email membership@cocoonclub.co.uk or visit our Contact us page for more contact details.

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