1. What condition are the bags in?

    All of our bags are either brand new or pre-loved and in new / mint condition. Our ‘Vintage’ items may of course show some signs of age, but this is all part of the bags charm. You can find pictures of any signs of wear under the ‘Wear and Tear’ section. We are also available to chat through any product - please just send us a message.

  2. How many bags can I have with me at a given time?

    Currently it is one at a time. 

  3. Can I reserve an item?

    At the moment, it is first come first served. Given we understand that people live busy lives, we are able to hold a bag for two working days between ordering the new bag and swapping the prior one. To ensure all COCOON customers receive the same experience, the best way to get your hands on our latest bag is to:

    • Keep us up to date on your personal details so that we can alert you of any must-haves we feel suit your taste
    • Get in contact with us via WhatsApp on +447565063351
    • Haven't got the bag you want? Let us know and our team of experts will do their best to source it for you.
  4. How do I know my bag is authentic?

    COCOON bags are purchased from a variety of reputable vendors with guaranteed legitimacy. Pictures of authenticity stamps and certificates are available upon request. Every COCOON bag is marked with Smart Water technology, to ensure we receive our same bag back every time.

  5. Can I buy a bag on COCOON?

    You may fall for a bag in our collection and want to call it your own - we get it, love is a crazy thing! After six-months of membership, loyal members have the opportunity to contribute a portion of their membership fee to purchasing their chosen bag. Pretty great perk, right? If you would like to inquire about a particular bag, please reach out to us at support@cocoonclub.co.uk.


  1. What is included in my membership fee?

    Your £99 monthly membership ensures your place as a trusted member of the COCOON community, this covers your subscription fees, light repair & service fees, your first delivery fee, and one monthly complimentary bag swap.

  2. What is your cancellation policy?

    If for any reason you decide to leave us, you can cancel your COCOON membership at given time with a 60 day notice period through notifying us of the cancellation request via email at membership@cocoonclub.co.uk. Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

  3. Why is my birthday required to sign up?
    We require your birthdate in order to carry out a soft background check via Experian. This will not affect your credit score.


  1. What is a holding fee?

    A £250 refundable holding fee is required to become a COCOON member. This fee will be held against your account for the duration of your membership in case of damage. 

  2. Are tax and VAT included?


  3. When will my card be charged?

    Your first monthly membership fee will be charged once your club application has been added to your cart and successfully paid through your chosen payment method. Subsequent membership fees will be charged on the same date of the following month and so on. If you would like to withdraw your application please email support@cocoonclub.co.uk.

  4. What payment methods are accepted?

    COCOON requires a direct debit payment via Stripe, accepting all major debit and credit cards. All payments on our site are in GBP.

  5. How can I apply a discount code?
    Discount codes can be applied at checkout when becoming a member. Alternatively, if you already have a membership, you can apply a discount code via My Orders > Manage Subscriptions > Apply Discount Code.


  1. Where can a COCOON bag be shipped to?

    COCOON can currently only deliver bags to members registered at a valid London postcode. We are expanding to the rest of the United Kingdom in the coming months. Sign up to our newsletter to find out where we're going next.

  2. What courier service is used?

    COCOON uses environmentally friendly couriers to deliver bags to a members registered address.

  3. How do I return / swap a bag?

    Please email membership@cocoonclub.co.uk to request the return of your current bag and organise the swap for your next.

    Requests must be made by 1pm Monday-Friday in order to swap bags on the same day. Your new bag will arrive before 6.30pm
    Requests must be made by 4pm Monday-Friday in order to swap bags on the following day. Your new bag will arrive before 6.30pm.
  1. What happens if I miss the return pick up time?

    If you are not there to hand over the bag to the courier at the agreed pick up time, a late fee of £10 per day will be charged until the bag is returned.

  2. Do I have to be in to sign for the bag?

    Our bags will only be delivered if they are signed for at the address agreed for delivery and will not be left without a signature. 

  3. Can you deliver to a hotel / another address other than my own?

    We will only deliver our bags to the address authorised by you on the initial order. A COCOON bag can be delivered to a hotel / another address as long as you are present to sign for the bag.

  4. When will my bag arrive?
    Upon becoming a member - please allow up to 2 working days for your application to be successfully reviewed and confirmed. After 2 working days you can expect to hear from a member of our team who will confirm your membership status and organise a courier for your first bag to arrive the next working day. After your first delivery, you are welcome to make use of our same day delivery service.

        Same day delivery orders must be placed by 1pm Monday-Friday. The delivery of the bag will be before 6.30pm on said day.
        Next day delivery orders must be placed by 5pm Monday-Friday. The delivery of the bag will be before 6.30pm the following day.

  1. How much does shipping cost?

    Your monthly membership fee includes one complimentary shipping and swapping fee per month. If you would like to swap for a second or third time, deliveries are £10 from there on forward. Payment will be taken from your registered payment method.

  2. How do I know my order has been successfully returned?

    COCOON will send you an email / text message to confirm that we have received your bag and it has passed our condition checks.


  1. What happens if my bag is subject to light signs of wear?

    Your monthly membership fee includes a service charge for light signs of wear. This includes:

    • Natural signs of overtime discolouration
    • Natural signs of wear on metal and hardware
    • Replacement of simple removable parts e.g zips and hooks
    • What happens if my bag is subject to repairable damage?

      We understand that accidents happen. If the bag it returned to COCOON with repairable damage you will receive a quote from The Restory for the cost of repair, which will be taken from your holding fee / your registered payment method if necessary.

    • What happens if my bag is subject to damage beyond repair?

      If the bag is returned to COCOON with proven damage beyond repair by The Restory, you will be liable for the full price of replacement taken from your holding fee & your registered payment method.

    • What happens if my bag is lost / stolen?

      If the bag is lost or stolen, you will be liable for the full price of replacement taken from your holding fee & your registered payment method.

    • How do I know stated damage of a returned bag didn't occur during the couriers journey?

      We will, by the use of video and picture, record the condition of the bag at the point of drop off, point of collection and point of return to the COCOON office.


    1. What is the minimum / maximum period for members to enjoy their bags?

      The minimum period is 24 hours. Bags within our collection are available for as long or as little as members desire. Every 6 months, the bag must be returned to COCOON for a routine check and clean. It can then be returned to the member or swapped for something new. 

      A small selection of bags are available for a limited one-month period.

    2. Where do I find my order?

        >  My Orders

    3. How do I cancel my order?

      Please contact support@cocoonclub.co.uk to cancel your order. Our customer service team will respond between the hours of 9.30am - 6pm Monday - Friday. 

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