COVID-19 Update

In light of the current situation, we wanted to provide you with information around our care processes, so that you can enjoy your COCOON bags with confidence (whether you’re a vintage fiend or new-season Bottega Veneta-obsessed).

At COCOON, we own all of our stock and have full control over the quality control process. Our members' safety is our number one priority, and we want you to feel confident in the measures we have in place to keep our bags in mint condition.

Each bag is subject to a physical inspection and rigorous care process after being returned from a member, to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. We have recently introduced additional sanitisation measures (outlined below) to safeguard our bags, without compromising the quality of materials across our collection of new season, pre-owned and vintage styles. We disinfect using industry-approved cleaning reagents, and enclose each bag in protective casing.

These are the steps we're taking to ensure that you're safe:
  • Bags are subject to a thorough after-care process when they are returned into the business, including a deep cleaning with the use of antibacterial sprays
  • Our delivery fulfilment team wear protective equipment (including masks and gloves) in-line with government guidance
  • Upon return into the business, bags are subject to a 24-hour holding period before being handled by our delivery fulfilment team
  • Bags are safely stored in protective casing 
  • Cleaning products are included with every order to members
Additional precautions with our delivery partners:
  • We've imposed an additional 12-hour holding period from the time bags are prepared for send-out by our delivery fulfilment team to the time they are received by our members 
  • Option for contact-free delivery through our delivery partners
We encourage an open line of communication with our valued members and kindly ask you to direct any questions you might have to

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